We are working on our new website. Fot the time being, the documents for applying for the 2017-2018 academic year can be found below:

Application Documents:

• Info Sheet Download PDF
• Application Form (first download the document and then fill in the details)Download PDF
• Room Reservation Form Download PDF
• Learning Agreement Download PDF
• List of courses Download PDF

• Deadlines for Applications:

- 30th June 2014 for Winter Semester 2014
- 30th November 2014 for Summer Semester 2015

• Required Documents

- Application Form (copleted digitally, printed, signed and scanned)
- Portfolio (digital or print)
- Letter of motivation
- Nomination from Erasmus Office of sending institution

•  Further Info

- Applicants must complete just the first 3 pages of the Learning Agreement
- When choosing the curriculum from the provided document, please note that BA (Bachelor) courses are from s.1 to s.6 and MA (Master) courses are from s.7 to s.10

• Contact

• Departament Coordinator
- Conf. Univ. Dr. Viorica Slădescu

• Phone

• Fax

• Email
- erasmus.una.bucuresti@gmail.com